Greetings from the President

president Masami Muraoka

Various researches and developments have been promoted in every field in order to improve technology that brings affluence to our lives. In addition, new values have been created successively in order to make our lives more comfortable, safe and productive. The food industry is stepping up efforts to meet diversifying needs and to create new food culture.
Since the company’s establishment, YAMATO FOODS CO., LTD. has focused on the manufacture and sales of frozen grated yam and freeze-dry foods made from Yamaimo, Japanese yam, which is an ingredient in traditional Japanese cooking. We are proud that we are a leading manufacturer in Japan in the frozen-grated-yam business. Our products are highly rated in the food industry.
Getting involved in production activities of neighboring farms, we are working on new businesses through various processing technologies and know-how.
We’ll pile up efforts so as to contribute to food culture and society with ‘ Creation of Real Palate on the axis of safety, security and health’ as our development theme.