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Frozen Grated Yam LB

Frozen Grated Yam LB

Frozen Grated Yam LB is made by grating and quick-freezing the mixture of 70% Japanese-grown Chinese yam and 30% Yamato yam. The mixture creates moderate thickness appropriate to yam soup and buckwheat noodles. The product is free from additives. The product saves the effort to pare and grate yam. Just defrost the product when using.

Product details

Packaging Specification
1 kg x 10
500 g x 20
70 g x 10 x 5
40 g x 20 x 5/2
Yamato yam: Chiba prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, etc.
Chinese yam: Hokkaido, Aomori prefecture, etc.
Basic Ingredient
Yamato yam :70%
Chinese yam :30%
Expiration date
Frozen: Up to 12 months
Defrosted: Within 2 days(Keep Refrigerated)
Do not refreeze.
Nutrition information (per 100 g) based on our date
Energy 71kcal
Water 80.5g
Protein 1.9g
Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrate 16.8g
Ash 0.7g
Sodium 2mg

Instructions and directions for use

Keep the product in the fridge below minus18°C.
Defrost the product at room temperature or in running water, but neither in a microwave oven nor in hot water.
The color and texture of the product could be changed, when you keep the product in the frequently-open fridge for a long time or refreeze it.
Keep the product in the refrigerator below 10°C after defrosting because of perishables
Consume the defrosted product as early as possible (within 2 days for best quality).

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