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Strengths of YAMATO FOODS CO., LTD

YAMATO FOODS CO., LTD. specializes in processing yam, including the production of frozen grated yam products, and has a large number of business contacts.We are sure that our clients understand our commitment to yam products as a specialty company.
Our business growth results from our commitment to Japanese-grown ingredients, strictly controlling contract cultivation, and manufacturing additive-free products (not including some seasoned frozen grated yam). We believe that our clients have highly valued our mind: We Serve the Best Yam!
Expanding specialized knowledge and usage of yam, we can provide a fund of information and recipes. Such efforts have come to be known widely.We gain trust and credit through the way we do business. For example, we accept small-lot orders and provide efficient follow-up of sales among other things.That is our strength.We are looking forward to continuing a fine relationship with you, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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Business Lines

Sales of Frozen Grated Tororo Yam Yamato yam, Tsukune yam, Pre-seasoned grated yam, etc.
Sales of Frozen Cut Chinese Yam Cut Chinese yam, Diced Chinese yam, Chinese yam with okra, Yam salad, etc
Sales of Powdered Yam Freeze-dry yam, Freeze-dry potato, Air-dry yam, etc
Sales of Frozen Vegetables Grated Japanese radish, Grated pungent Japanese radish, Hidenmame(gourmet edamame), Japanese taro, Grated Japanese ginger, Mukago (brood bud of yam), etc.

Business connection

Sale destinations
food wholesale traders, food wholesale dealers, food-service users,convenience stores, volume retailers, processed food manufacturers, etc.

Business Categories
Professional food service Japanese restaurants, buffets, Soba and Udon (Japanese noodle) restaurants, pubs, sushi restaurants, hotels, inns, etc.
Feeding service business-provided meals, hospital-provided meals, school-provided meals, etc.
Pre-Cooked needle convenience stores, value retailers, etc.
Marketing value retailers, Co-op stores, C&C, etc.
Processing Okonomiyaki(Japanese pizza), dry noodle, instant noodle, Japanese sweets, processed seafood, processed meat, processed soybean products, delicatessen, etc.

Sales of Yam

Sales connection and price
YAMATO FOODS CO., LTD. manufactures specially ordered products for a great range of usage as well as standardized products. Our sales reps visit you to have a meeting as to the lot unit and the terms of order. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions such as yam-product development.

Request for sample and leaflet
YAMATO FOODS CO., LTD. sends free samples and leaflets to corporations as requested. Contact us for details through "Inquiry"

Factory tour
YAMATO FOODS CO., LTD. gives factory tours to business partners, corporations and educational institutions. The process from washing and grating yam to packaging the products can be seen. Contact us through "Inquiry" if you request a factory tour.